Chapter 5 -- Using Visio Diagrams on the Web

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Chapter 5

Need to communicate a new organization chart to everyone? Provide a floor plan that shows employees who sits where? If you have information to share with a large audience, the World Wide Web may be your most effective distribution medium, and Visio includes many features that help you present your visual data effectively and quickly. When you combine the strengths of each Visio solution with its Web capabilities, you have a powerful tool for communicating ideas and information to anyone with access to your Web site.

You can export a Visio drawing or diagram as its own Web page or save it within an existing HTML template. You can also export a drawing as a graphic to include in any HTML file. You can even put the actual Visio drawing (in Visio or XML format) on your Web server so that other employees running Visio can open it in Internet Explorer.

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