Finding Other Linux Games

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What you are probably most interested in is finding the big-name commercial games in a Linux format. While many are not available for Linux, some certainly are, and in this section we want to make certain that you can find them. The following list has some wonderful Web sites where you can obtain lots of Linux games, including Linux versions of major commercial games such as Quake III and Castle Wolfenstien, two names that are likely to be etched in the mind of any avid gamer. The site www.lokigames specializes in Linux versions of mainstream games.

Although you can get some of the major game releases for Linux, there are several you cannot. As of this writing you cannot get Everquest, SimLife, Command and Conquer, Grand Theft Auto, and many other mainstream games. However, the following lists some of the big hits that are available for Linux.

  • Never Winter Nights

  • Quake III Descent

  • SimCity 3000

  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

  • Civilization Call to Power

  • Soldier of Fortune

  • Heretic II

  • Tycoon II

Of course, if you cannot find your favorite games for Linux, one solution to your problem might be to go with a Linux PC and take the money you save from not purchasing a Windows license or Microsoft Office and use it to buy a Sony PlayStation® or Nintendo® system for games.

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