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A very popular game among children and therefore parents of children is Connect Four®. If you happen to be a fan of this particular game, you will be pleased to know that an analog of it exists in the world of Linux. This game is KWin4, shown in Figure 17.11. This game works exactly like the traditional game. The idea is to connect four of your pieces in a row before your opponent does. In this case, your opponent is the computer.

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Figure 17.11: KWin4.

This game also can be played over the Internet or a network connection with another person as your opponent. To set this up, go to the File menu and select Network Configuration. You will be taken to the screen shown in Figure 17.12. Here you can set up yourself as the game server or connect to someone else’s server.

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Figure 17.12: Network configuration.

There are several other interesting games that ship with Red Hat Linux. For example, there is the KSpaceDuel, shown in Figure 17.13, and chess, shown in Figure 17.14. The important thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of games available for Linux. While some commercial hits might not be available for Linux, you should keep in mind that Red Hat Linux installs with far more games than any version of Windows.

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Figure 17.13: KSpaceDuel.

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Figure 17.14: Chess.

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