The authors would like to acknowledge the helpful comments and encouragement from the following: Mark Baker, Elaine Brennan, Jill Eastlake, Emily Frey, Karen Gettman, Ravi Gudiparti, Jill Hobbs, Hilarie Orman, Radia Perlman, Joseph Reagle, and Michael Rys.

We would also like to acknowledge the many persons to whose work, work in progress, or personal conversations we directly or indirectly referenced during the development of this book, particularly including the following: Mark Bartel, Ronald Bourret, John Boyer, Juan Carlos Cruellas, Blair Dillaway, Barbara Fox, Christian Geuer-Pollmann, Elliotte Harold, Paul Hoffman, Merlin Hughes, Takeshi Imamura, Gregor Karlinger, Charlie Kaufman, Brian LaMachia, Hiroshi Maruyama, Denis Pinkas, John Ross, Jim Schaad, Jeff Schiller, Bruce Schneier, Ed Simon, David Solo, Mike Speciner, and Kent Tamura. Marshall Rose is specially acknowledged for the term "Soapbox" as we use it in this book.

Finally, we want to acknowledge all the hard work of the many other members of the working groups and leadership involved in XML Security and this book at the IETF, the W3C, and Addison-Wesley Professional.

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