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social and economic transformation in the digital era
Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era
by Georgios Doukidis, Nikolaos A. Mylonopoulos and Athanasia (Nancy) Pouloudi (eds) ISBN:1591402670
Idea Group Publishing 2004 (350 pages)

This book covers all key subject areas of the Information Society an presents innovative business models, case studies, normative theories and social explanations.

Table of Contents
Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era
Section I - Social Context and Public Policy
Chapter 1- Why the Digital Era?
Chapter 2- e-Policy: The Impact and Political Economy of the Digital Revolution
Chapter 3- Aspects of Social Responsibility in the Information Society
Chapter 4- The Digital Divide Challenge: How Stakeholder Analysis Can be Used to Formulate Effective IT Diffusion Policies
Chapter 5- B2B E-Commerce Diffusion: The Efficacy of Institutional Discourse
Section II - Trust and Regulation
Chapter 6- Trust in the Digital Era
Chapter 7- Building Trust Online: The Design of Robust Reputation Reporting Mechanisms for Online Trading Communities
Chapter 8- Policy-Driven Signing Frameworks in Open Electronic Transactions
Chapter 9- Internet Jurisdiction: The International Perspective
Chapter 10- Socially Desirable Development of M-Commerce: The Role of Regulation
Section III - Analyzing Innovative Business Models
Chapter 11- Business Model Innovation in the Digital Economy
Chapter 12- Toward a Profitable ISP Business in a Competitive Environment
Chapter 13- Market Entry Potential and Social-Economic Implications of Internet-Based TV
Section IV - Organizing and Managing Knowledge Work
Chapter 14- Network Topology of the New Economy: Organizational Passages From Knowledge to Innovation
Chapter 15- Networked Business Organizations: An Actionable Research Framework
Chapter 16- Labor Flexibility in the Information Society: Is There a Balance between Skills Improvement and Use of External Employment?
Chapter 17- Learning Supported Decision-Making: ICTS as Feedback Systems
Chapter 18- Leveraging Knowledge Assets in Firms of the Digital Era
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Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era
Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era
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