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Satisfy directive  2nd 
    requiring both weak and strong authentication 
ScriptAlias directive 
ScriptAlias directives 
ScriptAlias'ed directories 
ScriptAliasMatch directive 
ScriptInterpreterSource directive  2nd 
sections and directives 
secure HTTP module, installing 
Secure Socket Layers  [See SSL]
security  [See also authentication; authorization]2nd 
    relaxing in subdirectories 
    removing restrictions selectively 
seeother redirection 
server-side includes 
server-status handler 
ServerAlias directive 
    incorrect or missing 
ServerRoot directive 
    protecting files 
    proxy  [See proxy servers]
Set-Cookie header field 
SetEnv directive 
SetEnvIf directive 
SetHandler perl-script directive 
SetOutputFilter directive 
size restrictions on documents 
slash, trailing 
SMTP relay 
Spencer, Henry 
split-logfile program  2nd 
Squid proxy server 
SSI #include directive 
SSI directive  2nd  3rd  4th 
    parsing for 
SSI include directive 
SSIs, enabling 
SSL (Secure Socket Layers) 
    authenticating with client certificates 
    generating certificates 
    name-based virtual hosts 
    redirecting to 
    serving a portion of site via 
SSLCertificateFile directive 
SSLRequireSSL directive 
starting and stopping Apache 
Status CGI response header field 
status for a response, changing 
stealing bandwidth 
Stein, Lincoln 
strict setting in Perl 
subdirectories, relaxing security in 
    disabled message 
symbolic links
    seeing syntax-enhanced source without setting up 
symbolic links, optimizing 
syslog, logging 
system error 1067 
system file ownership 

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