Driving Traffic to a Site

The first goal of SEO is to draw traffic to a site. But traffic is drawn to sites that are good. So let's take a look at two perspectives on what kind of content draws traffic.

First, a web site worth practicing SEO upon should be a worthy beneficiary: a site with content that at least theoretically has the ability to draw traffic.

Second, one SEO techniquein the absence of this worthy contentis to create it from scratch. So bear in mind that creating content to draw traffic is one of the most effectiveand simplestSEO techniques. As such, it's worth having a look at content that draws traffic.

Tip: Most sites need to present breadthmeaning many pages that are organized cohesively. A site that presents a single web page is unlikely to present sufficient depth of content to justify extensive SEO.The SEO trick is to draw traffic with desirable content, then to "seduce" the traffic into portions of the site that may not directly have anything to do with the contentthis is the ultimate goal of the SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization
The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
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