Recipe 1.17 Program: Debug

Most of the chapters of this book end with a "Program" recipe that illustrates some aspect of the material covered in the chapter. Example 1-2 is the source code for the Debug utility mentioned in Recipe 1.11.

Example 1-2.
package com.darwinsys.util; /** Utilities for debugging  */ public class Debug {     /** Static method to see if a given category of debugging is enabled.      * Enable by setting e.g., -Ddebug.fileio to debug file I/O operations.      * Use like this:<BR>      * if (Debug.isEnabled("fileio"))<BR>      *     System.out.println("Starting to read file " + fileName);      */     public static boolean isEnabled(String category) {         return System.getProperty("debug." + category) != null;     }     /** Static method to println a given message if the      * given category is enabled for debugging.      */     public static void println(String category, String msg) {         if (isEnabled(category))             System.out.println(msg);     }     /** Same thing but for non-String objects (think of the other      * form as an optimization of this).      */     public static void println(String category, Object stuff) {         println(category, stuff.toString( ));     } }

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