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E.T. games
    history of game programming 
Ecco the Dolphin
    ocean rendering 
edge collapsing algorithms  2nd 
edge collapsing method (continuous LOD policies)  2nd  3rd 
    of STL code  2nd 
efficiency.  [See performance tuning]
efficient computation
    rendering particles  2nd  3rd 
efficient data storage (performance tuning)  2nd 
elastic springs
    particle systems 
embedded languages  2nd 
    Java  2nd 
        JNI  2nd  3rd 
    Lua  2nd 
        examples of  2nd 
        integration  2nd  3rd 
        programming  2nd 
        user-defined functions  2nd 
emboss bump mapping  2nd 
emergent AI systems 
    spawning particles  2nd  3rd  4th 
end-of-level bosses
    in AI systems  2nd 
Engelbart, Douglas
    history of game programming 
environment mapping  2nd 
Escape from Monkey Island
Essex MUD
    history of game programming  2nd 
Euclidan distance metric 
Euclidean distance equation 
Euclidean norm 
Euler angles
    converting to quaternions 
Euler Integrators 
evading behaviors (AI systems)  2nd 
    history of game programming  2nd 
    spatial subdivision 
evolution of programming languages  2nd  3rd 
evolutionary computation (genetic programming)  2nd 
    fitness testing  2nd  3rd 
    mutations  2nd 
evolutionary theory 
expansion-contraction process (feature set development) 
explicit AI
    versus implicit AI 
explicit character animation methods 
    frame animation  2nd 
    keyframe animation  2nd  3rd 
    tagged animation  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    versus implicit character animation methods  2nd  3rd  4th 
explicit textures 
        ID3DXFont interface  2nd 
        ID3DXMesh interface  2nd 
        ID3DXPMesh interface  2nd 
    OpenGL  2nd 
external format
    OpenGL textures 
    of particles  2nd 
extrapolating data.  [See data extrapolation]
eye candy.  [See special effects]
eye contact (AI systems) 
    2D hemiplane test  2nd  3rd 
    3D semispace test  2nd  3rd 

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Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming2003
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