<cfexecute name = " ApplicationName "          arguments = "CommandLine Arguments"          outputFile = "Output file name"          timeout = "Timeout interval in seconds">          ...  </cfexecute> 


Used to execute a process on the server, such as executing commands from the command line or running programs and scripts.


name (Required)

Absolute path of the application to execute. On Windows, you must specify an extension, such as C:\example.exe.

arguments (Optional)

There are command-line variables passed to an application. Generally arguments are processed in these ways:

  • Windows. Passed to process control subsystem for parsing.

  • UNIX. Tokenized into an array of arguments. The default token separator is a space.

If passed as an array:

  • Windows. Elements are concatenated into a string of tokens separated by spaces.

  • UNIX. Elements are copied into an array of exec() arguments.

outputFile (Optional)

A file to have results stored. If not this attribute is not used, the output is displayed directly to the page.

timeout (Optional)

Default: 0. Length of time, measured in seconds, that the ColdFusion will wait for the process.

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