action = "directory action"          directory = "directory name"          name = "query name"          filter = "list filter"          mode = "permission"          sort = "sort specification"          newDirectory = "new directory name"> 


Use this tag to work with directories. This tag must be enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator for it to execute.


action (Optional)

Default: list, which returns a query recordset of the files in the specified directory. Other commands include create, delete, and rename.

directory (Required)

Absolute path name of directory against which to perform action.

name (Required if action = "list")

Name for the output recordset.

filter (Optional if action = "list")

Can be used to filter the results by file extensions for one file type.

mode (Optional)

Used with action = "create". This tag only applies to Solaris and HP-UX. Use in conjunction with Octal values of CHMOD command.

  • 644. Assigns read/write permission to owner and read permission to group and other.

  • 777. Assigns read/write/execute permission to all.

sort (Optional)

Used if action = "list" to query column(s) by which to sort directory listings.

newDirectory (Required if action = "rename")

New name for directory.

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