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D-1 DV format 2nd
D-10 DV format [See IMX DV format]
D-11 DV format [See HDCAM]
D-12 DV format [See DVCPROHD]
D-2 and D-3 DV formats 2nd
D-5 DV format 2nd
D-5 HD DV format 2nd
D-6 DV format 2nd
D-7 DV format 2nd
D-9 DV format 2nd
D-VHS DV format 2nd
DAC or D/A (digital-to-analog converters)
dailies [See screening dailies]
daily rolls
DAS (Direct Access Storage)
DAs (distribution amps)
     keyboard shortcuts
     Mac OS X system preferences
data forks
DATs (Digital Audio Tapes)
     digital audio format
         sound medium
DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform)
     DV formats 2nd
De-interlace filter
Desaturate filter
desktop computers, hardware selection guidelines
Detail View, Cinema Tools 2nd
DI (digital intermediate)
dialog, music and effects [See DME]
DigiBeta DV format 2nd
digital audio formats
digital audio interfaces
Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
digital audio tapes (DATs)
Digital Betacam DV format 2nd
Digital Cinema Desktop
     preview problems during video output
digital intermediate [See DI]
digital recording
digital video [See DV]
digital visual interfaces [See DVIs]
digital-to-analog converters (DAC or D/A)
Digital8 DV format 2nd
Direct Access Storage (DAS)
direct color playback and recording
     timebase errors
direct-to-disc camera files
direct-to-disc recorders [See hard disk recorders]
discard lists 2nd
Discreet Combustion
     sharing projects using Automatic Duck
     XML solutions
Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
Display Calibrator Assistant
distribution amps (DAs)
DIY striped arrays
DME (dialog, music and effects) stems
Dock, Mac OS X 2nd
Dolby AC-3 audio
Dolby E audio
dot crawls
double-system sound
drop shadows, Photoshop problems
dropframe timecode
dropped frames [See also frames]
     daisy-chained FireWire drives
    during capture
         consistently 2nd
         intermittently 2nd
    during playback
         consistently 2nd
         intermittently 2nd
dual-link SDI (Serial Digital Interface)
     capturing uncompressed video
dupe lists
duplicate frames
DV (digital video)
     component recording, ITU-R BT.601 specification
     composite recording
     DV over FireWire capture
         DV25: DV and DVCAM 2nd
     pixel aspect ratio
     streams, QuickTime conversion
     unwrapped media files
DV (sometimes called miniDV) format 2nd
DV25 DV format 2nd
DV50 DV format 2nd
DVCAM DV format 2nd
DVCPRO [See D-7]
DVCPRO25 DV format 2nd
DVCPRO50 codec
DVCPRO50 DV format 2nd
DVCPROHD DV format 2nd
     720p 24 codec
     capturing uncompressed video
     Digital Cinema Desktop Preview
DVD Studio Pro [See Apple, DVD Studio Pro]
     archive medium
     formats 2nd
     preview medium
DVIs (digital video interfaces) 2nd 3rd
dynamic playback

Apple Pro Training Series. Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System. A Technical Guide to Real-World Post-Production
Apple Pro Training Series. Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System. A Technical Guide to Real-World Post-Production
Year: 2004
Pages: 205

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