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Lab Color mode 2nd
Large Tip brush
layer comp slide shows
Layer Comps palette
layer masks
     adding to group layer 2nd
     adding to new layer
     adding to selection
     applying filter to
     clipping masks vs
     developing burned-in edges working with 2nd 3rd
     developing from scanned shapes
     displacement mapping to
     dry brush painting on
     duplicating Hue/Saturation
     getting painted-on look with
     hiding areas of blurriness with
     lighting effects with
     mask effects with Threshold
     painting along path of
     painting on 2nd 3rd
     pasting stock photos and creating 2nd
     previewing Gaussian Blur filter effect on
     selectively blurring images with
     shortcuts working with
     smudging along
     varying with layer styles and filters
     viewing as colored overlay
     working with
Layer Style dialog
     adjusting when applying filter to stroke
     blending current layer in
     experimenting with
     selecting Color Burn blend mode
     selecting underlying layer for blending
layer styles [See also experimenting with, Layer Style dialog.]
     applying Stroke
     applying to layer masks
     Bevel and Emboss 2nd
     borders using options in
     Color Overlay 2nd
     Drop Shadow 2nd 3rd
     Gradient Overlay 2nd 3rd
     Inner Shadow
     settings to experiment with
     transferring layer style border to new image
layers [See also key concepts, adjustment layers; ; activating, layer masks; ; experimenting with, layer styles.]
     adding below copied photo
     adding layer mask to Group 2nd
     adding layer mask to new
     adding to documents
     adjustment 2nd
     aligning image with Type
     applying filter to stroke
     automatically aligning
     blend modes illustrated with
     burning edges of
     changing blend mode of grain
     creating new
     duplicating 2nd 3rd 4th
     filling with black
     layer masks and
     merging 2nd 3rd
     modifying Hue/Saturation
     pasting shape
     selecting for blending
     setting default colors for
     soft transitions between two
     softening edges of
     working with Vector Smart Object
Layers palette
     adding new layers to
     switching to Paths from
     viewing list of applied layer styles
left/right bracket keys ([ / ])
Lens Correction filter 2nd
Levels dialog
     adjusting black Input slider
     illustrated 2nd
     making adjustment layers with
     effect with
     spotlight effect
Lighting Effects dialog
Lightness channel (Curves dialog)
Linear Dodge blend mode
Linear Dodge filter
Linear Light blend mode
Luminosity blend mode 2nd
Luminosity Gradient Map adjustment layer
Luna, Sabrina
Luna, Sashi

Photoshop Finishing Touches
Photoshop Finishing Touches
ISBN: 0321441664
EAN: 2147483647
Year: N/A
Pages: 129
Authors: Dave Cross

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