Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls


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Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls
By Greg Abelar
Publisher: Cisco Press
Pub Date: May 27, 2005
ISBN: 1-58705-214-8
Pages: 288

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The easy-to-use guide for learning how to secure networks with the world-class PIX Firewall Ideal for network administrators with little or no firewall experience Easily explains how to implement a security system in small and medium businesses or at home using graphical PIX Device Manager (PDM) Presents best practices for locking down network devices, including routers, switches, hosts, and servers Covers PIX 7.0 and the most recent version of PDMAll networks need a strong security solution to prevent against the devastation of worms, viruses, and malicious intruders, but the reality is that small and medium businesses do not have the resources to invest in adequate security training. These businesses need a security solution that is simple to learn and easy to implement. Cisco PIX Device Manager (PDM) is a feature-rich, graphical management system that provides administrators with an easy-to-use interface for Cisco PIX security devices. PDM simplifies the configuration, operation, and monitoring of Cisco PIX security appliances.Securing Your Business Using PIX Device Manager helps readers secure small and medium-sized networks from network intrusions using PDM, the PIX Firewall, and Cisco Security Agent. Aimed at the beginner network security administrator, it is written in simple language and avoids technical jargon. The book starts by explaining how hackers operate and discusses how to protect against hacking attacks. Step-by-step instructions for entering commands into the graphical interface are interlaced with explanations of what attacks and network threats are mitigated with the commands. Upon reading this book, users will understand in simple terms the threats to their networks, the tools and commands used to mitigate such threats, and any exposures that may be outstanding when features are not in use.


Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls
Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls
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Year: 2006
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Authors: Greg Abelar
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