Section 3.4. Chapter Summary

3.4. Chapter Summary

  • Many stand-alone processors are supported under Linux. The most widely supported of these are IA32/IA64 and PowerPC architectures. These stand-alone processors are used as building blocks to build very-high-performance computing engines. We presented several examples from Intel, IBM, and Freescale.

  • Integrated processors, or systems on chip (SOCs), dominate the embedded Linux landscape. Many vendors and several popular architectures are used in embedded Linux designs. Several of the most popular are presented in this chapter by architecture and manufacturer.

  • An increasingly popular trend is to move away from proprietary hardware and software platforms, toward commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. Two popular platforms in widespread use in embedded Linux systems: cPCI and ATCA.

3.4.1. Suggestions For Additional Reading

PowerPC 32-bit architecture reference manual:

Programming Environments Manual for 32-Bit Implementations of the PowerPC

ArchitectureRevision 2

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

PowerPC 64-bit architecture reference:

The Programming Environments Manual for 64-Bit MicroprocessorsVersion 3.0

International Business Machines, Inc.

Short summary of PowerPC architecture:

A Developer's Guide to the POWER Architecture

Brett Olsson, Processor Architect, IBM Corp.

Anthony Marsala, Software Engineer, IBM Corp.

Intel XScale summary page

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