Section 102. Scroll a Large Image

102. Scroll a Large Image


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100 Zoom In and Out with the Zoom Tool

101 Zoom In and Out with the Navigator Palette

If an image is being shown with a magnification larger than the image window can display, parts of that image will be obscured from view. If you want to make changes on a part of the image you can't currently see, you'll have to scroll to view that part of the image. To do that, use the Hand tool, the scrollbars, or the Navigator palette.

102. Scroll a Large Image

Select the Hand Tool

Open an image in the Editor and click the Hand tool in the Toolbox.


A quick way to activate the Hand tool without actually clicking it in the Toolbox is to simply hold the Spacebar as you drag inside the image window.

Drag with the Hand Tool

Click the mouse in the image window and drag with the hand pointer to display the portion of the image you want to view. For example, drag down with the Hand tool to view a part of an image that's hidden just above the currently displayed portion.

Or Drag Navigator Rectangle

You can also reposition the viewable portion of the image by dragging the red rectangle within the Navigator palette. (If the Navigator palette is not displayed, choose Window, Navigator from the menu bar.) The rectangle encompasses the portion of the image you're actually seeing in the workspace; when it frames the entire thumbnail, you're actually seeing the entire image.


The Navigator palette has several advantages over the other scrolling methods . Most notably, you can scroll quickly in the direction you want, and you can see what you're about to do before you do it.


To scroll to a particular point within an image, click that point in the image preview shown on the Navigator palette. The red rectangle moves to center itself on that point, and the image is scrolled by that same amount.

Make Small Adjustments

Click the scroll arrows on the horizontal/vertical scrollbars or press the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the viewable portion of the image by a small amount.

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