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Skinning Windows XP
By Joe Habraken
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: March 24, 2005
ISBN: 0-7897-3348-X
Pages: 336

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   I Introduction
      Conventions Used in This Book
      How This Book is Organized
    Part I:  Windows XP Theme Basics
          Chapter 1.  Understanding the Windows XP Graphical User Interface
      The Possibilities for Customizing Windows XP
      The Evolution of the XP Interface
      The Windows XP Desktop
      Modifying the Windows XP GUI Environment
      Themes Versus Visual Styles Versus Skins
          Chapter 2.  Basic Windows XP Interface Modifications
      Adding Icons to the Desktop
      Changing Desktop Icons
      Modifying Folder Icons
      Arranging Icons on the Desktop
      Understanding and Modifying XP Interface Components
      Setting the Screen Resolution and Color Quality
      Changing the Windows Font Size
      Modifying the Start Menu
      Modifying the Taskbar
          Chapter 3.  Applying and Downloading Windows Themes
      How Themes are Stored
      Exploring Theme Elements
      Changing the Default Theme
      Changing the Background
      Where to Find Great Windows XP Themes
      Downloading the Theme
      Applying Zipped Themes
      Applying Executable File Themes
      The Next Step
          Chapter 4.  Creating Windows XP Themes from Scratch
      The Elements of Your Theme
      Your Theme Should Have a Theme
      Selecting Theme Elements in the Display Properties Dialog Box
      Editing the Appearance Settings
      Selecting Mouse Pointers for the Theme
      Creating a Sound Scheme for the Theme
      Saving the Desktop Theme
      Fine-tuning the Desktop Theme
    Part II:  Introducing Skinning Software
          Chapter 5.  A Primer on Third-Party Theme and Skins Software
      Looking at the Choices
      Selecting Skinning Software
      At Your Own Risk: Patching the uxtheme.dll
      Downloading and Installing Skinning Software
      Downloading Themes and Skins
          Chapter 6.  A Closer Look at Skinning Software
      What is TGTSoft Style XP?
      Downloading and Installing Style XP
      Working with the Style XP Interface
      Skinning with Style XP
      Downloading Skins for Style XP
      What Is RocketDivision StarSkin?
      Becoming Familiar with the StarSkin Interface
      Downloading and Using StarSkin Themes
      What Is WindowBlinds?
      Using WindowBlinds
      Understanding Object Desktop
      Using the Stardock Theme Manager
    Part III:  Creating Your Own Skins
          Chapter 7.  The Basics of Creating Your Own Skins
      The Possibilities for Skin Creation
      Selecting a Skin Editor
      Other Programs You Will Need
      What Makes Up a Skin?
      Creating Simple and Complex Skins
          Chapter 8.  Creating Windows XP Skins with TGTSoft StyleBuilder
      Downloading and Installing StyleBuilder
      The StyleBuilder Window
      What StyleBuilder Can and Cannot Do for You
      Creating a Simple Windows XP Visual Style
      Creating Complex Visual Styles
      Using Your Visual Style
      A Final Word on Visual Styles and StyleBuilder
          Chapter 9.  Creating Windows XP Skins with Stardock SkinStudio
      Introducing Stardock SkinStudio
      Downloading and Installing SkinStudio
      Navigating the SkinStudio Interface
      Creating a Simple SkinStudio Skin
      Creating Advanced Skins
      A Final Word on SkinStudio Skins
          Chapter 10.  Creating Icons and Mouse Pointers
      How Icons Are Stored in Windows XP
      Downloading Icons and Icon Sets
      Creating Your Own Icons
      The Basics of Icon Creation the Microsoft Way
      Exploring Third-Party Icon Makers
      Creating a Mouse Pointer Collection
      A Final Word on Icons and Cursors
          Chapter 11.  Creating a Background Library
      How Backgrounds are Stored in Windows
      Storing Background Files
      Downloading Backgrounds and Wallpaper Files
      Creating Your Own Backgrounds
      Using Backgrounds with Your Themes and Skins
      A Final Word on Desktop Backgrounds
          Chapter 12.  Adding Screensavers to Your Skins
      What are Screensavers Really?
      Creating Screensavers
      Creating a Slideshow Screensaver
      Downloading and Installing Screensavers
      A Final Word About Screensavers
          Chapter 13.  Changing XP Logon Screens and Boot Screens
      Understanding Logon and Boot Screens
      Basic Modifications to the Windows Logon Screen
      Skinning Software and Logon Screens
      Downloading and Adding Logon Screens
      Creating Logon Screens
      Changing the Windows Boot Screen
      Creating Boot Screens
          Chapter 14.  But It Doesn't Look Like Windows XP
      What You Have Learned So Far
      The Ins and Outs of Creating Enhanced Skins
      Working with the Stardock ObjectBar
      Creating an ObjectBar Theme
      Adding Items to a Toolbar
      Using ObjectBar to Create New Desktop Environments
      Understanding Desktop Extenders
      Using DesktopX
      Using DesktopX Themes
      Skinning Windows XP Applications
      A Final Word on Skinning
    Part IV:  Appendix
          Appendix A.  Using ResHacker
      Downloading and Installing Resource Hacker
      Working with ResHacker

Skinning Windows XP
Skinning Windows XP
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