Chapter 7. Network Operating System Overview

In this chapter

  • Introducing network operating systems

  • Choosing a network operating system

  • Understanding how client computers communicate with the server

  • Matching client and server LAN protocols

  • Understanding client and server licensing

  • Sharing volumes and folders

  • Providing printing on the network

This chapter provides an overview of the network operating system or NOS. The NOS runs on a network server and as you know from Chapter 2 ("Different Needs, Different Networks"), server-based networking provides centralized control of networking resources, such as files and printers. User access to the network is also centrally controlled on server-based networks.

It is actually the network operating system running on the server that supplies the network administrator with the ability to centrally control network resources and network users. Let's take a closer look at what an NOS is, and then we can discuss some of the issues related to running a NOS such as licensing and server and client configuration.

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