Chapter 1. Computer Networking Overview

In this chapter

  • Defining the computer network

  • Reasons for networking personal computers

  • How PC networks got their start

  • Transferring data from the computer to the network

  • Understanding the role of the network administrator

It is certainly safe to say that computers have become as integral to modern life as fast food, cell phones, and sport utility vehicles. And although these trends may seem a little alarming, even scary ( especially to anyone who has had a near miss with a massive SUV piloted by a driver who is preoccupied with his cell phone and a greasy box of French fries ), the personal computer has evolved from a standalone device reserved for business applications into a device that can provide everything from real-time communications between users, to streaming audio and video, to the sharing of facts and figures across the length and breadth of our planet.

Computers are no longer just number- crunching business tools; they have become integral to communication, entertainment, and education. All the incredible possibilities offered by personal computers are in most part based on the simple notion that we can connect computers together into networks.

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