The Challenge of Changing Your Style

Leaders often find it difficult to adjust their style to the situation and the employee. Like anyone else, most leaders have a preferred style that has worked for them in the past, and that style is typically supported by a going-in story. It is much easier to lead by the style that reflects you than to match your style to the learning curve of each one of your direct reports .

Consider the leader who prefers to delegate. His or her going-in story may be that "someone at this level should know how to do this on his or her own." But that person may have recently been promoted and, therefore, lack the experience base to go it alone. After all, people are promoted based on the last thing they did well, which does not guarantee immediate success at the next level. The leader who does not enjoy coaching or participating is more likely to be hiding behind the "they should know how to do this" story to avoid having to adopt an unfamiliar style.

The leader who has a problem adjusting his or her style needs to ask, "What going-in story am I holding on to that is keeping me from making this change?" and "Why?" Self-examination may be sufficient for breaking through the barrier ; if not, personal coaching may be necessary.

When Goliaths Clash. Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization
When Goliaths Clash: Managing Executive Conflict to Build a More Dynamic Organization
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