Getting Help

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If you are having difficulties with your pages or Dreamweaver itself, you can get help in many places. With Dreamweaver Help, the Reference panel, and the Dreamweaver Support Center at the Macromedia website, the answer is most likely within reach. This section explains your Help options.

General Assistance: The Reference Panel

Do you have piles of reference books surrounding you as you work? If so, the Reference panel is ready to be your best friend (see Figure 2.21). This panel contains the complete text from several web reference guides, including O'Reilly's HTML Reference, CSS Reference, JavaScript Reference , and Sitespring Project Site Tag Reference; Wrox ASP 3.0 Reference; JSP Reference; Macromedia CFML Reference ; and the UsableNet Accessibility Reference .

Figure 2.21. The Reference panel, showing contextual help for HTML.

You can use the Reference panel on its own to look up information, or you can use it in tandem with the Document window to get contextual help information. To look up contextual help on whatever tag or script you're currently working on, do this:

  1. Click inside the element you want to reference.

  2. Choose Window > Reference.

  3. The Reference panel opens, showing a description and sample syntax for the selected item.

Dreamweaver Assistance

Dreamweaver has Dreamweaver Help that covers the basic use of every element of the program. Dreamweaver Help is a valuable resource for any questions concerning the properties of Dreamweaver.

To access Dreamweaver Help, choose Help > Using Dreamweaver. This launches your operating system's Help application with Dreamweaver Help showing. Figures 2.22 and 2.23 show Dreamweaver Help for Windows and Macintosh.

Figure 2.22. Dreamweaver/Windows Help.

Figure 2.23. Dreamweaver/Mac Help.

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