Before You Get Started

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If you're a JavaScript newbie, or if your skills are rusty, you might want to have a JavaScript reference available as you work. The handiest reference is the JavaScript section in the Dreamweaver Reference panel. If you want more indepth information, the O'Reilly series on JavaScript ( JavaScript in a Nutshell, JavaScript Pocket Reference ) is a valuable resource.

Although writing Dreamweaver extensions isn't just for propeller-heads, it isn't for sissies, either. To work with object and command files, you need to be fairly comfortable with reading and writing HTML code, and you need some understanding of JavaScript. In particular, you should be familiar with the basic language structure, syntax requirements, and concepts of JavaScript (expressions, variables , functions, and so on), and how to use JavaScript to process data collected by HTML forms.

Writing extensions is also an inherently dangerous occupation . Because you are messing around in the guts of Dreamweaver, you can very easily break the program. In the previous chapter you learned about the Configuration folder and its role in Dreamweaver functionality. Writing extensions involves altering the Configuration folder. Always make a backup of this folder before you begin exploring and tinkering . If disaster strikes and Dreamweaver stops functioning properly, just quit Dreamweaver, trash the corrupted Configuration folder, and replace it with your backup. The next time you launch the program, all should be well.

You'll also need a text editor to create all the code involved in extending Dreamweaver. Odd as it might sound, many extending tasks can be done using Dreamweaver itself as the text editor. This isn't recommended, though. Editing some configuration files, such as menus .xml or insertbar.xml , while Dreamweaver is running can cause problems. You can also get very confused while trying to create code in Dreamweaver. However, you might want to use Dreamweaver Design view to help you design the interfaces for your extensions.

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