message queue managers, Configuring WebSphere MQ
message queues, Configuring WebSphere MQ
MSMQ-MQSeries bridge queues, Creating the Queues in WebSphere MQ
shared proxy files and, Using the Same Proxy File
UDDI Services site, Using UDDI Services in Windows Server 2003
NAnt, Summary
.NET client to EJB sample, The .NET Client Sample Code
commands, Common Script Functions
samples, Building the Source with Ant and NAnt
shared databases, The DAO Pattern
shared session state, Installing the ASP.NET Sample Code
Web services client, creating, Option 2: Creating the .NET Client Using the NAnt Script
Web services, creating, Option 2: Creating the Web Service Using the NAnt Script
WebSphere MQ messages, WebSphere MQ Support for .NET
native code
common language runtime, Microsoft .NET Fundamentals for Java/J2EE Developers
native LDAP directories, Authentication Against LDAP Directories
negotiated symmetric keys, The Symmetric Key
network load balancing., see web services routing
network setup, MSMQ-MQSeries bridge, Setting Up Sites and MSMQ Routing Support
newapp tool, Publishing the Sample EJBs
No Callback option, How the Callback Works
NodeList class, The Java sample code
nonblocking asynchronous calls, Chapter 8: Asynchronous Interoperability, Part 1: Introduction and MSMQ, Asynchronous Calls Using Web Services, The Sample Code, Applicability of Callbacks in Client Applications
nonexistent data types
described, Data Exchange Challenges
nonpersistent JNDI, Persistent and Nonpersistent JNDI with JMSAdmin, Configuring MDB for JBoss and WebSphere MQ
nontransactional queues, Installing MSMQ on Windows Server 2003
nontransmission queues
WebSphere MQ server configuration, Configuring the WebSphere MQ Server
shared databases, Interoperability Benefits, How the Update Operation Works
true callback, True Callback

Microsoft. NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit
Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Pro-Developer)
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