Developing a common understanding among the team members and developing group competencies to enhance project performance.

Team charter

The document that describes the team operating methods.

Technical architecture design document

The document that shows in detail the architecture of the technical solution.

Technical design specification document

The document that explains the technical design, its business purpose, inputs, outputs, and the technical process.

Technical lead

The person responsible for leading the technical team who is skilled in technology as well as in management.

Technical skill

The understanding of and proficiency in the performance of specific tasks.

Technical team

The team responsible for implementing the technical work of the project.

Terminate project

To make a decision to end work on a project. This can be to end it as planned or to end it prematurely.

Test plans

Test case scenarios written to test the different functionalities of the system and make sure it meets requirements.

Theory Z

A management perspective that incorporates techniques from both Japanese and North American management practices.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

A concept that focuses on managing the total organization to deliver quality to customers. Four significant elements of TQM are employee involvement, focus on the customer, benchmarking, and continuous improvement.


Places in a project in which work is passed from one person or group to another or when the work of one project intersects the work of another project or the ongoing work of the parent of the customer's organization.


Deciding which objectives can be sacrificed, enhanced, or maintained, in relation to one another, for the benefit of the overall project.

Trait theory

The theory that suggests that the traits of successful leaders should be studied and emulated.

Transition document

The document that details roles and responsibilities in the day-to-day maintenance of the system.

Project Leadership
Project Leadership
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