Uma and Bob worked with the functional managers to reassign team members back to their respective functional departments. Some consultants would continue maintaining the system for a period of time and others would be leaving CSM. By identifying the new projects or roles for the team members even before the project went into production, Uma and Bob were able to decrease the stress that project closure often causes for team members. Bob arranged for Uma to manage a larger project that he would sponsor.

Project Leadership Considerations

Reassignment of personnel is the responsibility of the project leader. The project leader must care for and see that the team members are reassigned in a manner that is helpful to each team member's career and professional development. In a large organization, the project leader may need to work with many people such as the human resources department, the project management office, other project leaders, and functional managers in an effort to make the best fit possible. The team members are assets of the company and the project leader has a responsibility to develop and protect them.

The reassignment of the project team to a new project or other assignments should be considered renewing as opposed to ending. It may be necessary to place some team members outside of the company or even with a competitor. It is the project leader's responsibility to see that the team members are taken care of and to find appropriate new assignments for them.

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Project Leadership Lesson: Closing—Project Human Resources

A Project Leader Needs to:

Accept that project participants will move on to other work

Have the courage to help them secure appropriate assignments

Exercise the wisdom to balance making a positive impact on their careers with project needs.

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Project Leadership
Project Leadership
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