We would like to thank our reviewers for the time they have spent reading different versions of this book. Without their constructive feedback, this book would not be what it is today. We have benefited greatly from the insights that they shared with us. We would like to thank Frank Baerveld, Jeroen Bruijning, Aldo Eisma, Ghica van Emde-Boas, Peter van Emde-Boas, Martin Gogolla, Martin Matula, Hans van Oosten, and Andrew Watson. Special thanks goes to Heinrich Hu mann who made the effort of reading the first draft even though much of his attention was directed to trying to keep his feet and equipment dry during the flooding of Dresden in the summer of 2002. Another person that deserves our special thanks is John Daniels, whose thorough and positive criticism has led us to rewrite large parts of the first draft of the book.

We also want to thank the team from Addison-Wesley for their help, especially Mary O'Brien, who became our editor at a very late stage, but arranged every detail of our collaboration smoothly.

MDA Explained. The Model Driven Architecture(c) Practice and Promise 2003
Project Leadership (The Project Management Essential Library)
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Year: 2004
Pages: 118

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