5 Conclusion

5 Conclusion

At present, after having deliberately ignored for a considerable period, the production, perception and interpretation of emotions have become huge fields for psychological investigation. An increase in the intensity of research in this field has even been noted in the last ten years as a result in particular of its association with various technologies, whether vocal and also video (the automatic recognition of the facial expression of emotion) or electro-physiological (the capture and analysis of electro-physiological signals correlating with emotions).

However, it may be considered that knowledge in this field, especially in the field of emotion in the voice, is still in its infancy. A decisive initial step would be to be able to understand and correctly convey in a non-caricatural fashion, the six basic emotions of Ekman's model, that is to say, joy, anger, fear sadness, surprise and disgust. Subsequently, coupling with the algorithms of word recognition (access to the initial semantic content) and intelligent dialogue (access to the context) will be necessary in order to be able to progress further and incorporate systems that are sensitive to emotions in material or immaterial interfaces.

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