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       charting feature   2nd  
       Clip Organizer   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   9th   10th  
       Information Rights Mangement Client  
       Chart Title  
       File Name  
       Frame Shape field (Photo Album dialog box)  
       Page Title  
       Picture Layout field (Photo Album dialog box)  
       Search Text field (Select Picture dialog box)  
       Start at Track  
file formats
       movie clips   2nd  
File menu
       Package for CD dialog box  
               exiting   2nd  
File menu commands
       Save As  
       Save as Web Page  
       Web Page Preview  
File Name field  
File/Disk button (Photo Album dialog box)  
       multiple files
               switching ebetween  
       presentation files
       review files
               changes   2nd   3rd  
               merging   2nd   3rd  
fill color
       AutoShapes, setting in  
       changing   2nd   3rd  
        shapes , setting in  
Fill Color button  
Fill Color button (Drawing toolbar)   2nd  
Fill Color button (Tables and Borders toolbar)
       table cells
               changing background colors  
fill colors
       text boxes  
Fill Effects dialog box
       Gradient tab  
               One Color option  
               Preset Colors option  
       Pattern tab  
       Texture tab  
Fills option (Recolor Picture dialog box)  
       design templates on Web sites  
               Help menu  
               Web sites  
       movie clips   2nd  
       presentation files  
       sound clips  
       specific clip art   2nd  
       table layouts  
       toolbar button names  
Fit Diagram to Contents command  
Fixed option (Date and Time check box)  
       slide objects   2nd  
       My Documentations folder
               saving presentations  
Font button  
Font Color button (Formatting toolbar)  
Font dialog box (Format menu)  
Font tab  
               undoing changes  
       Symbols font
               mathematical equation symbols  
       text (diagrams)  
       Wingdings font  
footer text  
       handout pages  
       notes pages  
Format AutoShape dialog box
Format Data Series button  
Format Data Series dialog box  
Format dialog box
       Colors and Lines tab
               changing text box background colors  
Format Legend dialog box  
Format menu
       Bullets and Numbering dialog box  
       Colors dialog box   2nd  
       Customize button  
       Font dialog box  
       Line Spacing dialog box   2nd  
       Picture Bullet dialog box  
       text alignment
Format Painter button (Standard toolbar)  
Format Picture dialog box
       Recolor button
               recoloring clip art  
Format Picture dialog box (Clip Art Task pane)  
formats.   [See file formats]
       chart numbers  
       data series
                charts   2nd   3rd  
       hiding in Outline view  
       text boxes  
       text in WordArt  
       worksheet cells  
Formatting toolbar
       Align Left button
               aligning table cell text  
               changing text alignment  
       Align Right button
               aligning table cell text  
               changing text alignment  
       Bullets button   2nd  
       Center button
               aligning table cell text  
               changing text alignment  
       Decrease Indent button   2nd  
       Font Color button  
       Increase Font Size button  
       Increase Indent button   2nd  
       New Slide button  
               adding slides to outlines  
       Numbers button   2nd  
       Rehearse Timings button  
       Show Formatting button  
Frame Shape field (Photo Album dialog box)  
freeing up

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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