Pack and Go wizard

A special program within PowerPoint for copying a presentation and any supporting files along with a PowerPoint viewer for viewing the presentation.


A box containing choices for color and other special effects. A palette appears when you click a toolbar button, such as Border or Fill Color .

See also [floating palette]

Photo Album

A feature that allows you to turn a group of pictures into individual slides to make a presentation.

plot area

The area of a chart in which data is plotted. In 2D charts, it is bounded by the axes and encompasses the data markers and gridlines. In 3D charts , the plot area includes the chart's walls, axes, and tick-mark labels.


The vertical orientation of a page; opposite of landscape , or horizontal, orientation.


A presentation program designed to create and view slide-show programs and other types of visual presentations.

PowerPoint Viewer

A program for viewing PowerPoint presentations, particularly useful for people who do not have access to the PowerPoint program.


A group of slides that present information or a message to an audience.


A view that displays your document as it will appear when you print it. Items such as text and graphics appear in their actual positions .

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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