Rearranging Slides in Slide Sorter View



Click the Slide Sorter View button.


Click the slide you want to rearrange.


Drag the slide to a new location in the show.


Release the mouse button, and the slide is moved.


You can use Slide Sorter view to see all the slides in your presentation and make changes to the order of the slides. Simply drag the slides around in Slide Sorter view to change their position in the slide show.


Moving Multiples

To move more than one slide at a time, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the slides you want to move.


Hiding a Slide

You can hide a slide in Slide Sorter view so that it doesn't appear in the show itself, yet remains part of the presentation file. Click the slide, open the Slide Show menu, and choose Hide Slide .

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
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