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annals of cases on information technology, volume 5
Annals of Cases on Information Technology, Volume 5
by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour (ed) ISBN:1591400619
Idea Group Publishing 2003 (613 pages)

This text provides 37 case studies, authored by over 50 world-renowned academicians and practitioners in IT who describe educational institutions, electronic businesses and government organizations ranging from small businesses to large organizations.

Table of Contents
Annals of Cases on Information Technology, Volume 5
Chapter 1 - Assessing the Introduction of Electronic Banking in Egypt Using the Technology Acceptance Model
Chapter 2 - A Process Approach for Selecting ERP Software—The Case of Omega Airlines
Chapter 3 - The Relation Between BPR and ERP Systems— A Failed Project
Chapter 4 - Implementing a Data Mining Solution for an Automobile Insurance Company—Reconciling Theoretical Benefits with Practical Considerations
Chapter 5 - The T1-Auto Inc. Production Part Testing (PPT) Process—A Workflow Automation Success Story
Chapter 6 - Heineken USA—Reengineering Distribution with HOPS
Chapter 7 - A Dream Project Turns Nightmare—How Flawless Software Never Got Implemented
Chapter 8 - Humanware Issues In A Government Management Information Systems Implementation
Chapter 9 - The Lonely Comate—The Adoption-Failure of an Intranet-Based Consumer and Market Intelligence System
Chapter 10 - Managing Information Security on a Shoestring Budget
Chapter 11 - Large-Scale Sustainable Information Systems Development in a Developing Country—The Making of an Islamic Banking Package
Chapter 12 - Bankcard Payment System in the People's Republic of China
Chapter 13 - Student Laptop Ownership Requirement and Centralization of Information Technology Services at a Large Public University
Chapter 14 - Integration of Third-Party Applications and Web Clients by Means of an Enterprise Layer
Chapter 15 - The Impact of E-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry
Chapter 16 - Information Systems Development and Business Fit in Dynamic Environments
Chapter 17 - Information Technology & FDA Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Chapter 18 - Web-Enabling for Competitive Advantage—A Case Study of Himalayan Adventures
Chapter 19 - Balancing Theoretical and Practical Goals in the Delivery of a University-Level Data Communications Program
Chapter 20 - ERP Implementation in State Government
Chapter 21 - Business Process Redesign in Travel Management in an SAP R/3 Upgrade Project—A Case Study
Chapter 22 - Globe Telecom–Succeeding in the Philippine Telecommunications Economy
Chapter 23 - Modeling Back Office Operations at Greenfield Online's Digital Consumer Store
Chapter 24 - Using Asynchronous Computer Conferencing to Support the Teaching of Computing and Ethics
Chapter 25 - Computer Service Support at Glenview Hospital
Chapter 26 - Efficient Data Management in E-Business Transactions
Chapter 27 - Rx for Integration—Lessons Learned in Health Care EAI
Chapter 28 - Enterprise-Wide Strategic Information Systems Planning for Shanghai Bell Corporation
Chapter 29 - Systems Development by Virtual Project Teams—A Comparative Study of Four Cases
Chapter 30 - Enabling B2B Marketplaces—The Case of GE Global Exchange Services
Chapter 31 - How to Successfully Manage an IT Department Under Turbulent Conditions—A Case Study
Chapter 32 - The QUIPUDATA Case—Implementing a Quality Initiative in an IT Organization
Chapter 33 - Spreadsheets as Knowledge Documents—Knowledge Transfer for Small Business Web Site Decisions
Chapter 34 - Software Vendor's Business Model Dynamics Case—TradeSys
Chapter 35 - Application of an Object-Oriented Metasystem in University Information System Development
Chapter 36 - IS Management and Success of an Italian Fashion Shoe Company
Chapter 37 - Nationwide ICT Infrastructure Introduction and its Leverage for Overall Development
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Annals of Cases on Information Technology
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