1. Year 2000 online travel sales market share figures, obtained from Kasper (2000).

  2. Year 2000 GDS bookings market share figures, derived from Sabre investor relations section on corporate website.

  3. American turned Sabre into an independent company in March 2000.

  4. The market share figure given is that of CheapTickets.com, another brand used by the same company.

  5. Terra Lycos is the world's third largest Internet portal (according to the Amadeus corporate website).

  6. Worldspan is a key strategic business partner of Expedia.com, but not owner.

  7. USA Networks Inc., a Microsoft business partner, acquired Expedia from Microsoft in July 2001.

  8. Source: Priceline.com corporate website

  9. Rosenbluth is a large bricks-and-mortar travel agent.

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