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The Center for Internet Security. Available online: (The Center’s mission is to help organizations around the world effectively manage the risks related to information security. CIS provides methods and tools to improve, measure, monitor and compare the security status of your Internet-connected systems and appliances, plus those of your business partners. CIS is not tied to any proprietary product or service. It manages a consensus process whereby members identify security threats of greatest concern, then participate in development of practical methods to reduce the threats. This consensus process is already in use and has proved viable in creating Internet security benchmarks available for widespread adoption.)

Computer Crime and Security Survey. Available online:

In Pursuit of the User Friendly, Impenetrable, Tamperproof, Impregnable Firewall Gelb Organization. (1998). Available online:

Intruder Detection Checklist. Available online: .

Network vs. Host-Based Intrusion Detection: A guide to Intrusion Detection Technology. Available onlin: .

Pace, N. (1998, November). What Firewalls Can (and Can’t) Do For You. Available online: .

Ranum, M. J. Intrusion Detection: Challenges and Myths. Available online:

San Francisco State University - College of Extended Learning. Available online:

Schupp, S. Limitations of Network Intrusion Detection. Available online:

Shipley, G. Watching the Watchers: Intrusion Detection. Available online:

State of the Practice of Intrusion Detection Technologies. Available online: .

Stateful Inspection Firewall Technology: Tech Note. (1998). Available online: .

UNIX Configuration Guidelines. Available online: .

UNIX Security Checklist v2.0. Available online: .

Wack, J. & Carnahan, L. (1995, February). Keeping Your Site Comfortably Secure: An Introduction to Internet Firewalls. NIST Special Publication 800-10. Avaiable online: .

Windows NT Configuration Guidelines. Available online:

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