Implications: Key Questions for Assessing Status Quo and Modus Operandi

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The implications for management and their impact on business strategy can be best understood by the following key questions that one needs to ask and think ahead about the implications of e-commerce security for management:

  1. Does our management team have a shared vision of the long-term business implications of the new e-commerce architecture in general and the new e-commerce security architecture in particular?

  2. Do we have a transition plan that balances the state of the architecture’s development with a clear understanding of the areas of highest business impact?

  3. Do we have a clear understanding of the obstacles within our organization that may hinder us from exploiting the full value of the IT/ e-commerce architecture, and do we have initiatives under way to overcome these obstacles?

  4. Are we exerting sufficient leadership in shaping both the functionality offered by the internal and/or external providers of e-commerce security and Web services (defining, for example, the performance levels required for mission-critical applications) and the standard needed to collaborate with our partners?

  5. How will this status quo change when the technology arrives to make impenetrable security invisible to end-users?

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