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IT collects and reports on metrics for two reasons:

  • To measure and demonstrate proper IT resource management in line with enterprise priorities

  • To measure and demonstrate the provision of service levels in line with customer requirements

Measurements and Reporting

The IT customer relationship executive (CRE) for [name of business unit] will work with all appropriate IT service delivery personnel to measure and report on IT performance.


  • System maintenance and support, including production modifications, system maintenance, bugs fixed, and enhancements delivered — monthly SLA review

  • Service level satisfaction — monthly discussion between the sponsor/working client(s) and the IT CRE and as measured through the IT operations report process

  • Status of customer-related IT projects — monthly review of score-cards

Communicating Service Level Performance

Regular status review meetings, no less than monthly, based on the above reporting. The CRE will involve his or her own staff and partner providers as required while relying on his or her working clients to involve end users from the customer community as appropriate. The key information gathering and reporting tools in this process will include the monthly IT operations report, IT customer satisfaction surveys, and IT project score-cards. When issues or action items arise during status meetings, the CRE is charged with following up on any open items or issues raised.

Problem Escalation

See page 274 for details.

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