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data networks: routing, security, and performance optimization
Data Networks: Routing, Security, and Performance Optimization
by Tony Kenyon ISBN:1555582710
Digital Press 2002 (807 pages)

Provides coverage of routing, security, multicasting, and advanced design topics, as well as strategies for overcoming challenges in network design and management.

Table of Contents
Data Networks—Routing, Security, and Performance Optimization
Chapter 1 - A Review of the Basics
Chapter 2 - Addressing, Naming, and Configuration
Chapter 3 - Routing Technology
Chapter 4 - Multicast Network Design
Chapter 5 - Designing Secure Networks
Chapter 6 - Designing Reliable Networks
Chapter 7 - Network Optimization
Chapter 8 - Quality of Service
Chapter 9 - Network Management
Appendix A - Mathematical Review
Appendix B - DNS Top Level Domain Codes
Appendix C - IP Protocol Numbers
Appendix D - UDP and TCP Port Numbers
Appendix E - Multicast and Broadcast Addresses
Appendix F - EtherType Assignments
Appendix G - Example MTTR Procedures
List of Figures
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Data Networks. Routing, Seurity, and Performance Optimization
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