The Who Does What When Report


The Who Does What When report has four main elements: the timescale , the resource names , the assignments, and the data area.

Timescale graphics/one_icon.jpg This area shows the time periods for the report. This is customizable using the dialogs shown in the "Selecting a Report Type" sidebar earlier in this chapter.

Resource Names graphics/two_icon.jpg Like the Usage views, this report shows the resource names first. Read across the report to see how much work is assigned to each resource for the given time period.

Assignments graphics/three_icon.jpg Indented beneath each resource is a list of task names. These represent the assignments for each of the resources. The sum of the assignment values for each assignment for a time period will equal the value in that period for the resource.

Data graphics/four_icon.jpg This report shows Work in the data area by default.


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