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Since women's brains lead them to more holistic perspectives of brands, in general, your Web site should also reflect the "whole body" of your company. The primary things women seek, of course, are high-quality products, fair prices and responsive customer service. After those are checked off their list, a woman will notice which social causes your brand supports, whether you've provided thorough background information to aid their decisionmaking process, whether it appears that you treat your employees and your community well and how environmentally aware your brand seems to be in its packaging.

The Saturn Corporation efffectively developed an online presence in keeping with its off-line holistic reputation. The copy from their site's "Our Story" page reads:

Saturn was created with one simple idea: to put people first. In the beginning, our focus was on creating a different kind of company, one dedicated to finding better ways for people to work together to design, build and sell cars . A car company that talks straight does what it promises and delivers solid value at a fair price.

Furthermore, the copy on the Saturn.com site briefly describes the various partnerships it has entered into, from their strong connection with the United Auto Workers and how they work with the communities where their plants are located, to the National Education Association's Read Across America program and the National Association of Letter Carriers' Food Drive. Saturn also sponsors a cycling team, reflecting the fitness focus of their whole company.

Finally, this brand-wide attention to people, strong partnerships and sponsorships is reflected in Saturn's advertising campaigns . In a typical television spot, the brand plugs the people in their factories and local communities more than their latest models or big sale. Holistically oriented women will take all that in, whether or not they are ready to buy a car, and store that brand-knowledge for future reference.

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