Once you've become familiar with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and all the features it contains, you might want to customize the way you work with PowerPoint. You can change your view settings so that your PowerPoint window looks the way you want it to. PowerPoint comes with set defaults, such as viewing the startup task pane or vertical ruler, how many files you've recently opened, which you can change to a new default.

You can change the configuration of the menus and toolbars that you use. You can also create your own toolbar for just the commands that you use when creating your presentations. Smart Tags can be activated to link data between your Office programs. Macros can simplify common repetitive tasks that you use regularly in PowerPoint. Macros can reside on PowerPoint toolbars for easy access. If a macro has a problem executing a task, PowerPoint can help you debug, or fix the error in your macro.

Some of the other PowerPoint customization features allow you to set a default font and related attributes to use when you are typing text in text boxes. Other defaults might be the color or line style of an AutoShape that you create.

You can also use the Language bar to perform a variety of functions in PowerPoint. The Language bar allows you to control your slide show presentation with your voice, or execute various commands without having to use the keyboard. PowerPoint will need to be trained to your voice in order to perform the voice recognition. You can also dictate text directly into your slides with the speech recognition feature. Or maybe, you want to add handwritten notes to a slide in your presentation.

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