As you finish developing your presentation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, you can add some last-minute enhancements that will help with your delivery of the slide show. By creating a summary slide in the beginning of your presentation, your audience will know the scope of your presentation. Before finalizing your presentation, you should make sure that you embed truetype fonts into your presentation. This will ensure that your slide show appears correctly, regardless of the fonts installed on the various computers that you might be using.

Handouts are printed materials that you supply to your audience. Typically, handouts include an outline for the audience to follow as you speak, a copy of the slides in your presentation (printed one or more slides to a page), or a set of pages with blank lines next to reduced images of the slides for note taking. PowerPoint gives you many options for printing handouts, including editing and formatting them with the Handout Master. Most speakers feel more comfortable giving a presentation with a script in front of them, and you can easily create one in Notes Page view. With speaker notes , you can control the success of your presentation delivery.

As you take your presentation to various clients, it may be necessary to translate your slide show into another language. You might also want to export your notes to Microsoft Office Word to further customize them. You can save your slides in different formats ”you might want to save them as part of a Web page, or maybe a different version of PowerPoint for other clients . You can also preview your presentation before printing or print as black and white or color to review your presentation in different print formats.

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