tag files,504–505


Tapestry web framework


data binding,527

definition of,525

features of,527,529,531,533

integration with,20,543–547


presentation layer,529

target object,AOP

custom target sources,152

definition of,118–119,147–148

hot swapping,13,148–149


programmatic access to,152

when not to use,152–153

target property, AdvisedSupport class,135,138

TargetSource interface

for autoproxy creation,144–145


implementations of,147–153

programmatic access to,152

targetSource property, AdvisedSupport class,135

TargetSourceCreator interface,144–145

TDD (Test Driven Development),18

template (abstract parent bean definition),73

templates for resource management,17

Test Driven Development (TDD),18


AOP used for,159–161

container used in,106–108

ease of,Spring Framework support for,7


guidelines for,592–594

integration testing

AOP framework used for,160

in application server,421–422

container used for,106–108

guidelines for,593–594

support for,18

tools for,485

splitting container definitions into multiple files for,95–96

unit testing

difficulty of,2

example of,103–106

features for,6,18

guidelines for,160,161,593

mock objects used for,104–106

TestMaker tool (Push2Test),485

ThemeResolver class,435

ThemeSource interface,50

thread safety

advice and,123

AOP framework and,146

guidelines for,586–587

hot swapping and,148

of JdbcTemplate class,183

of RDBMS operation classes,189

of SingleConnectionDataSource interface,179

of StoredProcedure class,199

ThrowAwayController class,449,465

throws advice,124–125

ThrowsAdvice interface,122,124–125


TilesConfigurer class,513

timeout for transaction,229

Timer class,345,346–348

TimerFactoryBean class,348

Timers,scheduling using,345,346–348

Tirsen,Jon (AOP Alliance founder),120

Tomcat server (Apache),552,574,575

TopLink API

integration with,19

object query language used by,257

O/R mapping and,300–302

resource management for,16

TopLinkDaoSupport class,301

TopLinkTemplate class,301

TopLinkTransactionManager class,247,301

toProxyConfigString() method, Advised interface,160

TP monitor,220

transaction attributes,EJB,222

transaction demarcation


BeanNameAutoProxyCreator interface,237–238

definition of,225,227,233

guidelines for,242

performance of,242

ProxyFactoryBean interface and transaction inter- ceptor,233–235

source-level metadata,238–242

TransactionProxyFactoryBean interface,235–236

guidelines for,242

performance of,242


strategies for,221–222,225,229–230

where to demarcate,230

transaction interceptors

definition of,233–235



transaction management

ACID requirements of,218–220

with application servers,200–201,220,249–251


in business services layer,27

CMT (container-managed transactions),219,224

concurrency control,220

configuration for,226–229

as crosscutting concern,113–114

data source declaration,251–254

declarative transaction management,13,219,222,224

definition of,5,34,217–218,579

example of,222–224

global (distributed) transactions,221,260

guidelines for,585–586


for JMS (Java Message Service),343

JTA (Java Transaction API),224–225

JTA synchronization,278–280

JTS specification regarding,220–222

local transactions,221

for O/R mapping,260

for O/R mapping with Hibernate,276–282

for O/R mapping with iBATIS SQL Maps,266–267

for O/R mapping with JDO,293–294

programmatic transaction management,221

propagation behavior of transactions,227–228

read-only transactions,229

rollback rules,234–235

single-resource transaction managers,243–248

source-level metadata for,238–242

Spring features for,list of,224–226

status of transaction,229

strategies for

list of,225–226

multiple resource,249–251

single resource,243–248

timeout for transaction,229

transaction context,221

transaction propagation,221

where to apply transactions,230

transaction manager,220

TransactionAttribute interface,226

TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy class,244

TransactionDefinition interface,226

TransactionManager interface,250–251

TransactionProxyFactoryBean class,70,72

TransactionProxyFactoryBean interface,140,235–236,266,276

TransactionStatus interface,229

TransactionTemplate class,225,232,266,276

Transfer Objects

disadvantages of,2

distribution and,582

remoting and,28,588

as unnecessary,23

transparent persistence,258

transparent recovery (retrying),13

trigger,Quartz scheduler,348–349,351–352

typed advice,125

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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Year: 2003
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