My sincerest thanks go out to:

Cary Norsworthy, the bestest editor a guy could have. Cary, thank you for your amazing blend of professionalism, humor, and flexibility. Without you this book would not exist.

Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, for having faith in me and allowing this project to happen.

Scott Cowlin, for being the conduit that made this book possible, and for his subsequent marketing prowess.

Marjorie Baer, for being a never-ending source of inspiration and tolerance. Marjorie, thank you for helping me crack the dreaded writer's block.

Owen Linzmayer, for writing the cell phone chapter, and for painstakingly tech reviewing the other chapters. Also, Eric Levine and John R. Chang for their contributions to the cell phone chapter.

Corbin Collins, for flawlessly copyediting this book, and making it appear that I really have mastered the English language.

Mimi Heft and Maureen Forys, for the unique design of the pages in this book. You've made this book as much of a pleasure to look at as I hope it is to read.

Hilal Sala, for shepherding this book's production, and helping turn a discombobulated folder full of Microsoft Word files into something useful.

Joy Dean Lee, for your painstaking work in compiling all of the arcane acronyms in this book into an indispensable index.

Charlene Will, for allowing me to create the cover art for this bookand for your guidance in helping me design a piece that I hope people will likeand for the flawless typesetting of the final cover.

Jim Heid, for extending his wonderful reality-distortion field around me, helping me believe I could actually do this… Jim! Look! I DID IT!

    Global Mobile. Computing without Walls, without Wires, without Borders
    Global Mobile. Computing without Walls, without Wires, without Borders
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