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g77 (GNU FORTRAN '77 compiler)
     creation and playback
     vintage, running on Mac using emulator 2nd
     X11-based, downloading and building
GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)
     compiler differences
     compiling 64-bit code
     Mac OS X compiler flags
     programming languages supported
gdb (GNU debugger)
Gentoo Linux
GetFileInfo tool 2nd
gethostent( )
getpw* functions, passwords and
gftp (SSH GUI)
GIDs (group IDs), listing with nireport
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) 2nd 3rd
     CinePaint version for film professionals
     using as iPhoto's default image editor
     HP InkJet Project (HPIJS)
glib (SSH GUI)
gluemac utility
GNOME desktop environment, xiii
     connecting to Mac OS X printer
     installing from Fink
     Mac OS X desktop displayed and controlled on Solaris machine
     Solaris machine connected to Mac OS X via VNC
     tabbed terminal sessions
GNU autoconf
GNU FORTRAN compilers
GNU tar
GNU-Darwin, xiv
     web site
gnumake tool
gnuplot data plotting program
gnutar tool 2nd 3rd
Google, Terminal Search with Google service
graphical environments for Mac OS X
graphics adapters
graphics package 2nd
grep tool
groff tool
     adding user to admin group
     adding users with dscl merge command
     creating with dscl utility
     creating with niload 2nd
     deleting for deleted users
     deleting with dscl's delete command
     listing all group IDs (GIDs) with nireport
     listing with nidump utility
     GUI for SSH (gftp)
     on Fink web site
GUIs (graphical user interfaces)
     Aqua, with R package
     Aqua-X11 interactions
     Cocktail, for system administrative tasks
     DPGUI for DarwinPorts
     editor for Cocoa and Carbon applications
gunzip tool
gzcat tool
gzip tool 2nd 3rd

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