B.2. Apple s Command-Line Developer Tools

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B.1. Standard Unix Development Tools

The following commands are development tools commonly found on most Unix and Linux systems:


yacc-compatible parser generator.


BSD make program. Use this if you have any BSD makefiles.


High-level revision control system that sits on top of RCS.


Frontend that distributes gcc builds across a network.

flex, flex++

A tool that generates lexical analyzers. See lex & yacc (O'Reilly).

cc, gcc

Apple's customized version of gcc, the GNU C compiler.


Source-level debugger.

gnumake, make

Automate the steps necessary to compile a source code package. GNU and BSD make are included. See Managing Projects with make(O'Reilly).


Generates lexical analyzers. See lex & yacc (O'Reilly).


Manages file revisions.

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