Bill Jelen: Thank you to fellow Notre Dame alumnus Jerry O. Holloway, who provided the expertise and knowledge for the chapter on using OLAP data sources. Thank you to Pito Salas, who invented Lotus Improvthe first desktop product to offer functionality similar to pivot tables. Thanks to Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, and Mitch Kapor for being pioneers in the spreadsheet world. Thanks to Dave Gainer and the entire Excel team at Microsoft for bringing pivot tables along to what they are today. Juan Pablo Gonzalez is the smartest guy I know and provided impeccable technical review. Thanks to Mary Ellen, Josh, and Zeke Jelen for lovingly letting me try to write three books simultaneously. My sister Barb Jelen provides excellent back office support at MrExcel.comthere is good chance that she packed and shipped this book to you. Thanks to Jerry Kohl at Leegin, everyone who ever asked me for a report back at Telxon, the entire community at, and our clients at MrExcel Consultingyou all contributed to my expertise with pivot tables. Thanks to William Brown at Waterside; Loretta Yates, Songlin Qiu, Seth Kerney, and Bart Reed at Que. Thanks to Carla Bayha for believing in the book. Duane Aubin provided a sounding board. Thanks to Leo LaPorte, Andy Walker, Amber MacArthur, Claudia Abate, Katya Diakow, Matt Harris, Steve Antal, Claudia Abate, Mike Lazazzera, Jenny Celly, Doug Robertson, Gregory Pilsworth, Basil Coward, Lorraine Quirk, Aaren Perrier, Hayden Mindell, Kelly Colasanti, Malcolm Dunlop, and everyone on the Call for Help staff at TechTV Canada. Thanks to Wendy Kertesz and Kit Kemper for their publicity expertise. Thanks to Dan and Tracy Garrett for meeting with the authors to review concepts. Thanks to Michael Alexander for being a great co-author and ahead of schedule on every deadline.

Mike Alexander: A special thanks to Bill Jelen for the opportunity to write this book. Thank you to Robert Zey and Charles Reid for the technical input. Many thanks to Loretta Yates and Songlin Qiu for all the support during the writing process.

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