Yellow Bar

I ve got another chapter to publish, based on other work Chet and I did recently. I can t ship this code on a Red Bar, and I don t really want to comment the test out. Someone reminded me that NUnit has an Ignore feature. You can put an Ignore attribute on a test, and that test will not be run. You won t get a Green Bar, however: you get a Yellow Bar. That will suffice to remind me that I ve got work to do. So I m starting a new project policy, subject to revision if it gets us in trouble: a pair can mark a test as Ignore if it marks code that needs work but the check-in doesn t break any production code.

That s the situation here. So I ve added an Ignore to the test and will check it in:

[Ignore("New Para in mid-Pre Bug")]
public void ShiftEnterMultipleLines() {
model.SetLines (new String[] {"<pre>code1", "code2","code3</pre>"});
model.SelectionStart = 14; // after co in code2
AssertEquals("code3</pre>", model.Lines[2]);
AssertEquals("<P></P>", model.Lines[3]);

The Yellow Bar ”trust me ”is shown here. See you next time...

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