Chapter 16: Adding the Tag

Chapter 16: Adding the <pre> Tag</pre>

Just to get back in the swing of things, we re going to add a new tag, extending the menu a bit in the process. In the course of that, we ll see what kind of duplication we really get, compared to the kind I ve been worrying about. Better yet, we learn something surprising!

New Stories

We ve got a few new stories to work on:

  • Add the <pre> tag that we use to display code. Like the <P> tag, cause it to insert itself after the end of the current tag.

  • Add all the tags to the menu. Make it an Insert menu with the various tags under it.

  • Modify the <section> tag so that it adds only at the end of a preceding section, rather than in the middle like it does now.

This is a good set of stories that will make the product pretty useful. The customer s objective is to get the tool strong enough to use in place of TextPad. These stories might be nearly enough to do the job.

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