Chapter 18: E-Business Systems Security for Intelligent Enterprises

Denis Tr ek
Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Security issues became a topic of research with the introduction of networked information systems in the early eighties. However, in the mid-nineties the proliferation of the Internet in the business area exposed security as one of key-factors for successful online business. The majority of efforts to provide security were focused on technology. However, it turned out during the last years that human factors play a central role. Therefore, this chapter gives a methodology for proper risk management that is concentrated on human factors management, but it starts with addressing classical, i.e. technology based issues. Afterwards, business dynamics is deployed to enable a quantitative approach for handling security of contemporary information systems. The whole methodology encompasses business intelligence and presents appropriate architecture for human resources management.

Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
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