Environment Settings

DB2 for zSeries has specific build options that can be specified in the Environment Settings window (see Figure D.31). To reach this window, choose Project > Environment Settings > Build Options.

Figure D.31. DB2 for zSeries build options.

The only field you may want to change depending on your system settings is the WLM environment field. For the example, we chose MXLUWLM3 because this is the WLM environment created for stored procedures in the mainframe system where we tested our procedures. Other than this field, leaving the default values is normally good enough.

The build utility name field is where you specify the name of the SQL Procedure processor, which by default is DSNTPSMP. You may have multiple copies of the DSNTPSMP processor using different schema names. The reason you may do this is to support different datasets in the WLM proc used by DSNTPSMP. For example, you may use DEV.DSNTPSMP to create a development version of an SQL stored procedure that writes to dev.runlib.load. Then you might have PROD.DSNTPSP in order to create a production version of the same procedure that writes to prod.runlib.load. Different WLM environments and JCL procs would be needed to support this type of configuration.

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