Appendix B. Inline SQL PL for DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

From the very first chapter of this book, you have been learning the basics as well as the advanced elements of the SQL Procedural Language. Because this book is the Essential Guide to SQL PL, you will learn everything about SQL PL, including inline SQL PL.

Inline SQL PL is a procedural language that supports a subset of the SQL PL elements. The language is employed by dynamic compound SQL statements that are used in triggers, SQL user-defined functions (UDFs), SQL methods, and stand-alone code. Stand-alone code is also sometimes referred to as SQL PL scripting.

The concept of inline SQL PL is only supported in DB2 LUW for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. In DB2 LUW for iSeries and zSeries, stored procedures, functions, and triggers coded in SQL PL are all compiled into embedded C programs and bound into DB2 as packages.

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